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The settlement is over, and your client is on their way. You’ve made connections, established relationships and put in the work. What next?

Generating leads and utilizing your database has moved far beyond mass mailers and listings in the local paper. Keeping up with the connections you’ve made and using them to build more is a great place to start, but what are the best ways to use that information once you have it?

Make the call. 

Reach out quarterly and connect with the ones who know you already. Leave a thoughtful message if no one answers, and if they pick up, remember F.O.R.D. as a guide if you get tongue-tied…Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams. Consider sending a personal video text message. Seeing your face AND hearing your voice? That’s a win/win.

Write it down.

A nicely-written note means more than you think these days. How many trips do you make to the mailbox to find printed mailers and sales flyers? Imagine finding a card saying, “Just checking in to see how you are doing.” For some, this could be the very thing that makes their day.

Ask away.

Put asking for referrals into practice, and it will become secondhand. It could be as simple as, “Are you aware of anyone trying to buy or sell a home?” You may also send a follow-up to see how the house is coming along and mention that you would love to help a friend find their dream home, although it’s best to ask when they are with you and happy!  

You have one of the greatest resources for success at your fingertips…your current clients. Begin making connections today and storing them in a way that makes retrieval easy and effective. Reach out to the True Title team as your business booms.

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